Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Knebworth Classic Motor Show - 26 and 27 August 2012

With the August Bank Holiday fast approaching where better place to be if you are an enthusiast of classic cars tha ... http://bit.ly/OirXhq

Adding Your Wife To Your Car Insurance May Reduce Your Premiums

Just by adding your wife’s name to your car insurance may shave as much as £502 off the average cost of a polic ... http://bit.ly/Oj4Hgt

Check Your Car Insurance Before Taking Your Car Abroad

By law, car insurers in the UK must provide their policyholders with a minimum of third party insurance cover so, i ... http://bit.ly/OiWysF

Monday, 30 July 2012

What Could You Do When You Receive Your Van Insurance Renewal Notice

Here in the UK we are still in the throes of difficult economic conditions. Whether you are concerned at being able ... http://bit.ly/MXoqTJ

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Insurance costs fall for older drivers

Everybody likes to have cheaper auto insurance. But if an individual is above 50 and has several years of driving e ... http://bit.ly/MSHQsL

Young drug drivers on the increase

According to recent statistics, 30% of all drivers will be involved in certain type of collision that included drun ... http://bit.ly/MSH7b7

Risk management and insurance

Risk management is an attempt in which many victorious businesses connect to certain degree or another. It can eith ... http://bit.ly/QwomK4

Men are better drivers than women – fact or fiction

Since the starting of automobile period when more females started making use of cars the debate has remained the sa ... http://bit.ly/QoyYAc

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fuel prices are increasing for the UK

With fuel the key is that the requirement of fuel all over the world is at an unsurpassed high and yet the quantity ... http://bit.ly/NMEUP9

Electronics upgrades for next generation BMW

Whether roaming around at the broad open countryside or city roads at the height of rush hour, the journey can be q ... http://bit.ly/NMDILy

Electric supercar makes UK debut

Nothing could be better than an automobile that works completely on electricity. If an individual is seeking an eco ... http://bit.ly/LVGHyh

Car sharing and insurance

Car sharing has become extremely common these days since everybody tries to lower their travel and transportation e ... http://bit.ly/MPFDOU

Motorists choose to reduce their car use to save on fuel

As we all know, fuel prices are increasing with the every passing day. And these increased fuel costs have caused t ... http://bit.ly/MKmxx8

UK warned to prepare for flooding

New government sponsored research has found out the top most effects of weather change that will influence UK over ... http://bit.ly/QOMRqo

Thursday, 26 July 2012

MOT Not Needed For Some Classic Cars

Some of you may not have heard about the welcome announcement made by the Government a few weeks ago that cars and ... http://bit.ly/PNNGhW

Being Social Whilst Driving

A recent survey by the RAC shows that the number of motorists driving a car when using a smartphone or being under ... http://bit.ly/LSkl0F

Only One Third Of Motorists Switch Car Insurance

Recent research has revealed that almost two thirds (63 per cent) of UK motorists have not bothered to move their c ... http://bit.ly/Pxp0cC

Van Crushed By Mistake

Ben Forrer,who is a 33 year old fireman, visited the recycling plant at Longford, Coventry in his van on behalf of ... http://bit.ly/P32HYp

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Motor car insurance additional benefits include legal cover

It is essential to ensure that your vehicle has an efficient coverage even though your car is not brand new. This i ... http://bit.ly/MAZxk9

Drunk driving is a crime

In 2009, most of the accidents were the consequence of driving under the influence. And most of the deaths in accid ... http://bit.ly/O5NN7j

Friday, 20 July 2012

Compare auto insurance and save big time

Car insurance is a predictable requirement for every car owner. Having your vehicle covered is the best method to m ... http://bit.ly/NPIjiz

Cheap car insurances 2012

Car insurances are getting more and more costly day by day, particularly in 2012. How can an individual save money ... http://bit.ly/O43Rq9

The best approach to auto insurance quotes

Car insurance quotes are normally free so there is no need to settle for the very first quote you encounter. Compar ... http://bit.ly/MNfOgA

Personal vs. Commercial Auto Insurance

When an individual is self employed or running an independent business, at times it can be quite hard to decide if ... http://bit.ly/MNeiuU

Personal vs. Commercial Auto Insurance

When an individual is self employed or running an independent business, at times it can be quite hard to decide if ... http://bit.ly/Qi1rXh

Using a Cell Phone While Driving is Dangerous

Car traffic accident is one of the biggest issues today. There are several aspects that can cause an accident, and ... http://bit.ly/SM2gq5

Women take their rightful motor insurance premiums

Auto insurance can be an expensive bill to have to disburse each month. Most of the individuals get irritated since ... http://bit.ly/MN5qpc

Supermarket car insurance

Cheap auto insurance has become quite easy to acquire because of two things, first being the World Wide Web and the ... http://bit.ly/NP8MwH

Where to find low cost van insurance schemes

Whether an individual is a builder, a decorator, a plumber or a baker or anything else that needs the use of a van ... http://bit.ly/Qa4FNB

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bugatti Classic Replica To Go Under The Hammer

Can you believe it - a replica Bugatti Type 51 that has been unearthed in a garage filled with rubbish is expected ... http://bit.ly/PmQ12U

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Levels Of Car Insurance

Car insurance companies offer three levels of car insurance to their customers-third party, third party fire and th ... http://bit.ly/Mlzrj9

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Parents Be Warned

Do you know what the term to ‘front’ a car insurance policy means?It is where you claim to be the main driv ... http://bit.ly/Ocm8kM

UK flood wipes off the hope of getting cheaper insurance premium this year

British insurers landed up paying huge bills for claims owing to a bad monsoon. And they are likely to pass this on ... http://bit.ly/Obybih

Shrinking parking lots are going to make things worse

In the last decade, the average number of people having cars has increased by a huge percentile of 65%. Ten years a ... http://bit.ly/OaRRmq

What is commercial car insurance?

Before jumping straight to the core, I would like to state why you need to know about commercial car insurance. If ... http://bit.ly/Nuxl0K

Car Insurance Benefits- Do I need to tell that

Benefits of car insurance are not something I need to tell you. It has been one of the most vigorously growing mark ... http://bit.ly/MFRKLN

Van Drivers Beware During The Olympics

Van drivers are advised to plan ahead when going about their business during the Olympic Games that starts towards ... http://bit.ly/Q2ladn

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Polish your driving skills to grab some rewards on car insurance

Car insurance companies together with the traffic rules and regulations forum are working to educate the drivers. P ... http://bit.ly/Mqx9Bb

Will Telematics be the ultimate savior from soaring car insurance rates?

Telematics technology has come like a ray of hope in the storm of soaring car insurance rates. Insurance analysts h ... http://bit.ly/LRQA66

Young drivers are at the gun point

No offense please! I don’t mean this literally. But when the topic is car insurance and its soaring premium rates ... http://bit.ly/NtwFHN

Will your home insurance cover flood damages?

Certainly, your house is probably one of the most valuable assets you will ever own therefore it is essential for y ... http://bit.ly/LRqMaj

Car insurance questions you should ask before purchasing coverage

Purchasing auto coverage can be a dreadful job. Everybody wants to obtain sufficient protection and coverage at a p ... http://bit.ly/Mucvde

Get a GPS tracking device and save money on your car insurance

Since the auto insurance cost is constantly growing various insurance providers are turning to GPS tracking device ... http://bit.ly/M9rU6Y

Silverstone Classic Touring Cars

Over 40 classic touring cars will be at Silverstone from 20 to 22 July 2012 for the Silverstone Classic.Cars fr ... http://bit.ly/LXZv13

Sales Of ‘Black box’ Car Insurance Rockets

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) believe that the sale of telematics, otherwise known as ‘blac ... http://bit.ly/PXNleQ

Drivers With Protected No Claims Discount Can Still See Car Insurance Premiums Rise

Around thirty three per cent of drivers have protected no claims discount included in their car insurance policy. ... http://bit.ly/NyQhXI

Van Sales Drop

Following an increase in van sales in May the market has turned yet again with June registrations down by 2.5 per c ... http://bit.ly/LQOJyn

Monday, 9 July 2012

Automatic Car Insurance Renewals

More and more people are changing their car insurance provider each year for either a cheaper premium or just to co ... http://bit.ly/NBCUIc

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Same sex couple will also cherish discounts on car insurance like other married couples

I was taken by surprise and a feeling of glee when I came across this article. It feels so great when you realize t ... http://bit.ly/N3JmKj

Commercial Umbrella Insurance- know more about it and its advantages

Commercial umbrella insurance is a special type of insurance formulated to provide coverage to business men. Owning ... http://bit.ly/Oi3aXh

Is there any benefit of prepaying your car insurance premiums?

Well, the answer is a sweet yes. It might be surprising, because even my client was quite surprised to hear this. B ... http://bit.ly/N3Hstf

Cheapest car in terms of car insurance coverage

Well, I have not discovered any secret of getting cheap coverage from car insurance companies. But I have definitel ... http://bit.ly/NcWMmF

FAQ related to car insurance

There is much confusion among people pertaining to car insurance. If I try and answer all of them, I may land up wr ... http://bit.ly/LED80v

Keep your eyes on the car insurance market

Are you looking for the best auto insurance coverage at affordable rates? In today’s difficult economy, everyone ... http://bit.ly/NwaxLn

Car insurance guide

Car insurance is the most important part of every car owner’s life. Before buying car insurance coverage it is im ... http://bit.ly/Nvv3fk

Top auto insurance questions

Car insurance is one of the most important parts of being a responsible car owner. Auto insurance can be a tricky i ... http://bit.ly/Ry8Y2r

Insuring your muscle car

Today, acquiring coverage for a vehicle may not consume a lot of time but definitely if an individual does not know ... http://bit.ly/OhbXsg

How much auto insurance do you need?

In regards to purchasing car insurance many individuals do not have any idea how much auto insurance coverage do th ... http://bit.ly/PoIhyt

Friday, 6 July 2012

Newer Classic Cars

HMCE’s definition of a classic car is a car that is over 15 years of age and worth at least £15,000 but for ins ... http://bit.ly/NJjwXL

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Business Drivers vs Private Drivers

Who do you think is more likely to have an accident- the business driver who is driving about in a van travelling l ... http://bit.ly/M7GU1O

Increase in car insurance premiums?

Drivers here in the UK have been warned that they may face a rise in car insurance premiums as there has been an in ... http://bit.ly/MzYLU2