Saturday, 20 December 2008

Car Insurance Companies Turn to Link Building to Aid in Website Promotion

Car Insurance Companies are now turning to intensive link building, top UK link building company - Way Link provide link building services for mainly car insurance companies it was revealed by Director Steven Disloggi.

"Our car insurance related customers now outnumber any other sector by 40%" said Disloggi, adding "Link building has vastly increased since the economic crisis, as an affordable way of hugely increasing traffic and back links to clients websites."

With UK SEO companies stuggling to gain new business with their over priced rates, clients are now turning to cheaper methods and finding that they actually provide better results overall and more importantly take effect much faster.

Mr Disloggi elaborated, "The problem with UK SEO companies is that they quote based on the market that the customer is in, for example.... A car insurance company would get charge 3 times as much as a florist for exactly the same service. This is because the SEO companies know what high google rankings are worth in the car insurance industry."

He added "I think we will all agree on that, I myself have been there and witnessed it myself, first hand. That's why at WayLink, we do not discriminate, we just offer a full price list available on our website to be viewed by anyone."

Waylinks prices are some of the lowest around and provide outstanding cost effective results, offering guarantees for total peace of mind. There is no doubt that one way link building is a proven white hat technique that we could all use a little of.

If you are looking for a cost effective method of promoting your business or website online, why not visit Way Link Building Services today and kick start your SEO, the cheaper way!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Compare Car Insurance News Site Launched

Just found a cool new compare car insurance news website today called check it out, looks really interesting!